Abhinandan’s gunslinger moustache evokes awe, youngsters rush to replicate style

Bengaluru: The entire country cheered with gusto as IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman’s returned home but what has caught the imagination of people is his swashbuckling gunslinger moustache and equally suave hairstyle.

Young men are clearly in awe of the smart and attractive style of the moustache and hailing it as the “pride of India.”

The pilot’s moustache has been a topic of conversation on social media too. Many young men hoping to flaunt their admiration and also pay their tribute to the brave fighter pilot are heading to saloons to get the same catchy look sported by Varthaman. What is more, even saloons are quick to advertise offers for the same.

On Friday, the Wing Commander returned to India after two-days custody in Pakistan. His homecoming is being celebrated not only on social media but in several parts of the country through posters, slogans etc.

“Wanna grow a moustache like IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman !!!,” wrote Debarshi on Facebook.

“Can we speak for a moment how amazing Wg Cdr Abhinandan Varthaman’s moustache is?,” Ken Dennis posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

“Captured Indian pilot + his mustache released, officially crosses the border from Pakistan to India,” wrote Ian Bremmer on Twitter.

In order to flaunt love and worship, his fans in Bengaluru are rushing to ‘Outlook Mens Saloon’ to get the ‘Abhinandan look’. The saloon is located at on Coles Road in Fraser Town, Bengaluru.

“Abhinandan is a hero of India and his moustache has become symbolic of the bravery. Both his moustache and hairstyle are trending like anything among the young generation,” salesman Sameer Khan told ANI.

“I have kept Abhinandan’s sir hairstyle. I’m now his fan. Earlier I used to follow Salman Khan’s style but now Anbhinandan is my inspiration. He has become our supreme hero,” Mohammad Chan told ANI.

Several saloons around India, especially in Bengaluru and Punjab are giving discounts to their customers who want moustache and hairstyle like Abhinandan. The discounts are being given to honour and celebrate the real hero who kept his life at stake while safeguarding the country from enemies.

The dairy cooperative, Amul, had released an advertisement with the caption, “#Amul Mooch: To Abhinandan from Amul!

“AMUL has always been creative in various issues. They have not insulted our bravehearts . It’s Ok. Abhinandan’ moustache will soon become a fashion statement,” Deepa64 tweeted.

Provincial Armed Constabulary in Uttar Pradesh recently praised the police officers with robust moustaches and rewarded them with Rs 50 to Rs 250.
Wing Commander Varthaman, flying a MiG -21 Bison fighter plane, was chasing Pakistani jets which transgressed into Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday and crossed over to PoK where his aircraft was shot down. He ejected safely and was taken to the custody by the Pakistani Army. However, he was released on March 1 by Pakistan via Attari-Wagah border.