Abhijeet is back on twitter, says wont let Anti-nationals silence my voice

Raising controversy over indecent offensive comments on Twitter against women, Singer Abhijeet is back on Twitter with a new account.

Only a week after his account was suspended by Twitter, the 58-yr-old singer is back with a video on Twitter on his new account where he says he against the ‘anti-nationals’

Following his ‘disrespectful’ and ‘offensive’ tweets against women, including JNU student and also activist Shehla Rashid, many tweeters have reported against the singer which resulted in the suspension of his official account on Twitter.

On suspension of his account, Shehla tweeted “Sincere thanks to everyone for the support. Abhijeet had to delete his tweet. His Twitter account has also been suspended”


Well, the singer seemed too curious to return to blogging after calling Twitter biased and supporter of terrorism the singer adding to all that has also tried justifying his tweets.

Earlier he tweeted against the student-activist Shehla Rashed when she openly discussed sex scandals involving BJP leaders she was ‘abused by Abhijeet and hundreds of Sanghi trolls’.

Surprisingly the singer went a step ahead with his offensive tweet shocking everyone with his reply to Shehla’s tweet, tweeting “There is a rumor she took money in advance for two hours and didn’t satisfy the client. Big racket”

In the video, he posted online said ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram. There’s been an effort to curb my voice. I am raising my voice against all those who are chanting slogans against India and the Indian Army. We all are united, together we will stand against these anti-nationals’.

YouTube video

‘I have started this new Twitter account till my verified account is not active again. You follow me on this account only rest are fake. They are causing me trouble. Boliye Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai. I am back. We will together eliminate all those which raise voice against the country’ said Abhijeet.

Shouting few words like “#VandeMatram I am back #Antinationals can’t stop my voice, salute to #IndianArmy. This is my new Twitter account… Rest are fake…”

He also said Twitter has this peculiar policy were a number of people report against an account and with Twitter’s consent the account gets suspended, daily hunt reported.