Abhay’s Kidnap Mystery Solved by Police

The sleuths of Commissioner’s Task Force jointly worked out clues in co-ordination with local Police and made sustained and consistent efforts and solved the kidnap mystery of 15 years old boy, Abhay Modhani,  in a record time of 48 hours. Abhay  was abducted on the evening of  March 16 from Ghode ki kabar area under the limits of Shahinayathgunj Police Station. It is revealed that the minor boy was brutally murdered by the accused for ransom.

The City police Commissioner Mahender Reddy today presented the accused before the media here. The accused are:

Indugugamalli Sheshu Kumar @ Sairam @ Sai,  aged 20 yrs,  resident  Hindi Nagar, Goshamahal, Hyderabad, and native of  Kutukalur, Anaparthy (M) of  East Godavari Dist;             Pondara Ravi, aged 21 yrs, resident of  Hindi Nagar,  and native of  Jadupalli(V), Maliaputti(M), Srikakulam Dist; and           Namburi Mohan,  aged 23 yrs, R/o Near Durgamata Temple, Hindi Nagar, Goshamahal, and N/o  Ratta Kanna (V), Icchapuram(M), Srikakulam Dist.


It may be mentioned that on  March 16,  at around 5 PM the victim Abhay Modhani,  son of Raj Kumar Modhani, went missing, while he was went outside to bring snacks to his family. After searching in the neighborhood, child’s father lodged complaint of boy missing at Shahinayathgunj Police Station at about 8PM.


Following the abduction, on the same day around 10 PM child’s Father received a threatening call on his sister-in-law’s mobile phone from the kidnappers demanding a huge ransom of Rs.10 Crores to release the boy and also threatened. Later they proceeded to Police Station to inform about the kidnappers call, while they were in Police Station at about 11 PM again his sister-in-law received a call from kidnappers demanding Rs.5 Crores to release the boy and informed to come to Sec’bad Railway Station bus stop along with money.


During the investigation, Police identified the dead body of the victim in a carton box near Alfa Hotel, Sec’bad in the night and also identified Victim’s bike Honda Activa B.No.TS07EQ5695 in front of Volga Hotel, Darusalam, Hyderabad.


The accused persons are staying in a room at Hindi Nagar, Goshamahal,and  on  March 14, they watched a movie “Oka Romantic Crime Katha” in youtube which was released in the year 2014. Main theme of the movie is to earn money by committing snatchings and kidnappings. With the inspiration of movie, in the night itself they discussed and planned to Kidnap somebody for ransom. The prime accused given an idea that while he was working with Hanuma Dass at Goshamahal he had friendship with one Abhay Modhani who is neighbor for last six months who is son of an Industrialist who frequently changes costly mobile phones and he said that his father likes him very much and they have huge money. If Abhay is kidnapped, they will get ransom and that money they can use to learn dance and to act in movies.

As per their plan, they procured three SIM cards from Begum Bazar area and purchased a new mobile from Jagadish Market,  and also purchased one plaster at Begum Bazar. The prime accused made recce for victim’s movements while being in touch with victim through Whatsapp. On March 16,  the prime suspect was waiting for the victim to come out at Ghode Ki Kabar while the other two accused were in the room.  In the meantime, the victim came to Ghode Ki kabar area on Honda Activa B.No.TS07EQ5695. The prime accused stopped  the victim by waving his hand and requested the victim to drop him at his room. The victim in turn agreed and dropped prime accused at his room. In the meanwhile the accused informed Mohan over the phone that he along with victim are coming to their room. The victim walked into the room voluntarily without any suspicion. The victim was given a cool drink. While the victim was drinking cool drink, the prime accused caught hold of his hands and informed that they had kidnapped him for money. For which, the victim requested them to release him and given a phone number of his aunty to make conversation to ask for money. Later the accused persons plastered his mouth and tied hands and legs with the plaster. After 15 to 20 minutes the accused found that the victim was lying motionless. Then they tried to wake him. However he was found dead on the spot due to suffocation. The accused were aghast at the turn of the developments.


The police  teams continuously traveled across chasing the accused and could finally track them down at Barampur of Orissa and Icchapuram of Srikakulam on  March 19 which led to the arrest of all the three accused and detection of the case.(NSS)