Abdul Razzaq : “Waqar was sole culprit for disharmony in team”

Islamabad: Pakistani cricket player Abdul Razzaq has blamed the former head coach Waqar Younis causing lot of damage to Pakistan cricket.

He said Waqar ignored the senior players. “It is no secret and I am witness to this that Waqar never wanted or respected senior players and was never able to treat all players equally and fairly which resulted in disharmony in the team.”

Razzaq said. “He himself is responsible for causing insecurity among the players and not being able to give them enough confidence to perform well for the country.”

He also blamed some of the former players by saying they are also responsible with the board for the poor position of Pakistan cricket. “ They are some players who are only interested in good jobs and positions. How many want to work at the grass root level and really do something productive for Pakistan cricket.” he said .

Razzaq advised to appoint Inzamam- ul-Haq as the chief selector. He said. “I have played with him and under his captaincy and if he follows the same principles he followed as a captain than he will be do something good for Pakistan cricket.”

He said.”Inzamam never played players on basis of their statistics, he always played those players whom he believed could deliver for Pakistan and he always stood by their selection and fought for them.”

Razzaq blamed the selectors and team management for their inability to identify suitable players for each format.

“We don’t even know who is good for which format and we keep on tinkering with the teams all the time and we expected good results.” he said.

“Look at our performances, our rankings have been going down since the last few years.” He added.