‘Abducted’ Sameena was maid to clear dad’s debt

Hyderabad: A 16-year-old girl from Mahbubnagar, who was being held as ‘bonded labour’ for the past three years in a film financier’s house in Domalguda, was rescued by officials of the Women and Child Welfare department (Hyderabad district) on Friday.

Sameena (16), younger daughter of Mehboob, was a 13-year-old when a financier from Hyderabad forcibly brought her from Injamur village in Mahbubnagar district.

Sameena was studying Class VIII in a government school at that time. Mehboob was a poor labourer supporting his family with great difficultly. In order to perform his elder daughter’s marriage, he wanted to take a hand loan and through some known persons in the village, he met Bhoji Reddy, a private financier.

After the agreed time, Mehboob could not repay the debt and Bhoji Reddy began threatening him. Three years ago, in mid-2013, Bhoji Reddy and some others went to Mehboob’s house in Injamur and ‘abducted’ Sameena.  He told Mehboob to pay the money along with interest and take his daughter back.

On credible information, officials of the WCD along with revenue officials and police raided Bhoji Reddy’s house in Domalguda and rescued the girl.

Sharing her grief, Sameena said, “About three years ago, when I was in Class VIII, he (Bhoji Reddy) brought me forcibly to his house, telling that my father has to pay Rs 50,000 to him. I was 13 when I came here. 

He and his wife used to beat me and torture me during work. They forcibly made me work as their maid.” Bhoji Reddy, who is currently a film financier, was present at the home during the raid.

He confessed to wrongfully confining the girl in his house to work as maid. The Chikkadpally police booked a case under section 374 of IPC and sections 16, 17 and 18 of the Child Labour Act.

Courtesy: HansIndia