Abducted Pak journalist Gul Bukhari returns home

Lahore: Pakistan based journalist and activist Gul Bukhari, who was abducted by unknown people in Lahore on Tuesday night has now returned home.

Her family has confirmed that she has returned home and is fine, Dawn reported.

Responding to the incident, former Pakistan Ambassador to US Husain Haqqani tweeted, “Concerned by news of columnist @gulbukhari, British-#Pakistan dual national & outspoken critic of Pak military’s role in politics, going missing. She should not join the long list of #EnforcedDisappearances in #Pakistan.”

?Journalists like Umer Ali and Saeed Shah earlier tweeted confirming the news of her abduction.

“Several journalists confirming @gulbukhari was forcibly picked up while on her way to attend a TV talk show. She has been a consisted critic of the military’s alleged intervention in the Pakistani politics,” Umer Ali’s tweeted.

“Gul Bukhari is a political activist and social media voice in Pakistan. Reports suggest she was abducted by agents of the state. This is just weeks before an election,” Saeed Shah said in a tweet.

Another Twitter user Afrasiab Khattak in a tweet said, “I strongly condemn the abduction of Gul Bukhari in Lahore. Armed invasion on Wana Town to physically eliminate Ali Wazir & Gul Bukhari’s abduction shows that the forces of fascism are using the absence of political government for crushing dissent.”

Bukhari was on her way to the studio to appear in a show when some unknown people stopped her vehicle and abducted her.

She, who is known for her outspoken criticism of Pakistan military’s role in politics, is currently a contributing Op-Ed writer at The Nation.