Abandoning newborns have risen in the past 3 years: Reports

Hyderabad: Over 80 newborn babies have been found abandoned around the city in the past three years with at least 80 percent of them being baby girls said women and child welfare department (WCWD) officials.

This year alone, 19 babies were abandoned in the city according to women and child welfare department officials, TOI reported.

“Every month, we get at least four babies at cradles at Niloufer Hospital and Shishu Vihar. Also, a majority of the abandoned babies are girls,” the official said.

A 2 months-old baby girl was found abandoned at Bharathnagar metro station last month, and was found by Metro station guard, the baby girl was however, shifted to a state-run home later.

According to child rights activists, the situation of abandoning newborns is even worse in Nalgonda and Sangareddy districts.

“This year, 23 newborns, most of them girl babies, were left at Shishu Vihar. Families in rural areas, especially tribal areas, prefer boy child and either abandon or drop their girl child in cradles,” Nalgonda district Shishu Vihar manager Sruthi K said.

NGO run by Balala Hakkula Sangham’s Achyuta Rao told speaking TOI said: “People are not aware of such facilities in the city. As a result, newborns are abandoned at garbage bins, temples or nalas. This has even led to death of some newborns. WCWD needs to spread awareness among people, particularly the poor families. The government’s claim of the number of children abandoned is far less. If the newborns found on the outskirts are included, the figure crosses 30 so far this year. Of them at least, 25 babies were girls,”