Aasara Pension: More inconvenience to aged, poor than relief

Hyderabad: The decrease in age for Aasara pension has become more of an inconvenience to the aged and poor people than a relief. Officials of the Finance Department say that it will take at least 90 days to expedite the matter.

As per the government instructions any application has to be expedited within 15 days and to inform the applicant whether his application has been accepted or rejected.

But regretfully the Tehsildar offices across the twin cities are not giving any answers for the past two years to the pension applicants. These aged applicants are continuously visiting these offices for the past two years but to no avail.

The officials of the Tahsildar offices say that the pension applications can only be expedited when the state government approves the budget.

Some other officials say that unless the RDO, Collector or government does not give approval the pension applications cannot be expedited.

The pensioners appeal to the Collector to take immediate steps to release their pensions which are not released for a long time.