AAP to tell voters ‘reality’ of Modi government

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday said that it will come out with details of how the Modi government destroyed institutions and democracy in the last five years so that voters know the “reality” before they decide the country’s future in 2019.

Blaming the BJP-led Central government for leaving no stone unturned in targeting its political opponents with the “illegal and blatant misuse of central agencies”, the AAP said in a statement that the Modi government has destroyed all institutions in the country.

“The AAP is very clear that the coming Lok Sabha elections will determine whether India will remain a democracy. With the Modi government approaching the end of its five-year undemocratic, anti-federal and dictatorial tenure, the voters of India will decide whether such a regime was in their interest,” it said.

The party also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was harping on lies to mislead the nation as there was no concrete achievement during his tenure.

“In the coming days, the AAP will come out with details of how Modi government destroyed institutions and democracy during the last five years so that the voters know the reality before they decide the future of the country in 2019,” the party said.

Recalling the number of times the central agencies were used against the elected government in Delhi, the party said: “Office and home of elected Delhi Chief Minister have been raided by CBI and Delhi Police and Deputy Chief Minister and two Ministers have been raided and questioned by central agencies.

“At least 20 MLAs were arrested on fake charges by politically manipulated Delhi Police and all cases which have been tried so far in courts have fallen flat.

“More than 400 files of Delhi government were illegally seized in a bid to implicate the Chief Minister and council of Ministers in fake cases — but Modi government badly failed in its sinister design.”

The party also said that the Modi government unleashed the CBI and Delhi Police on Kejriwal government so many times during the last four years and subjected it to countless raids and inquiries.

“Now, it has come to light that the Modi government wants to purchase Rafale fighter aircraft at a very high price — the cost of one fighter aircraft is around Rs 600 crore and they want to purchase it at Rs 1,600 crore per aircraft — meaning 36 fighter jets at an extra Rs 36,000 crore to the government exchequer.

“This is what was to be probed by (CBI Director) Alok Verma. What was wrong if this had been probed? For this precise reason, the Prime Minister put all his might in removing Verma as CBI Director,” it said.

The party wondered what was the problem if the Rafale probe had gone on, “if the Prime Minister had done no wrong”.