AAP plans reach-out campaign on odd-even scheme

New Delhi :Aam Aadmi Party has decided to hold a week-long campaign to make people aware of the nitty-gritties of the proposed odd-even scheme, which has become the talk of the town ahead of its scheduled enforcement from January 1.

The reach-out campaign is being seen as a bid to allay apprehensions voiced by a section of the people over the practicality of the restrictions under which private vehicles, bearing odd and even registration numbers, will ply on alternate days.

“The campaign will see the participation of MLAs, ministers apart from a large number of volunteers and workers in each constituency across the city,” Greater Kailash MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj said.

A party functionary said that the party will also use its active social media presence to make people aware of the “necessity” of the move and the circumstances that compelled the government to resort to such a measure.

The schedule of the campaign has not yet been decided upon, but there will soon be an official announcement on this front, AAP’s Delhi convenor Dilip Pandey, who is overseeing its preparations, said.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today posted images of two lungs, one of a 55-year-old person from Himachal Pradesh and the other of a 52-year-old Delhiite visibly covered by soot, to bring out the severity of the city’s pollution.

Kejriwal has publicly stated that the government had decided to enforce car-rationing to tackle a situation of “emergency and panic” arising out of rising pollution and terse observations by the judiciary.