AAP MLA chases rampaging car, demands fair enquiry

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Jarnail Singh on Wednesday demanded a fair enquiry into the matter where a man drove past a police check post and in the process rammed into it.

The incident took place at Naraina flyover in Delhi on Tuesday, where a traffic police constable clung on the bonnet of a car in order to stop the vehicle, while the man kept on driving.

Singh who was passing by, took cognisance, chased the vehicle and forced it to stop.

An associate of the AAP MLA recorded the incident and shared the video on social media.

The woman in the video is also seen abusing the MLA and the policemen present there. She also threatened to sue them.

Singh told ANI, the man and his companion were allowed to go after being fined with a simple challan.

“Earlier, the police assured proper enquiry in the matter but later when I called I got to know that they were allowed to go following a simple challan as they received a call from a senior official. I just want a proper enquiry into the matter, had it been an AAP member it would have been national news by now,” said MLA Singh.