AAP leader reveals BJP’s strategy for upcoming 2019 elections

Congress supporters and Anti-Hindutva followers are rejoicing over the massive victory that has finally freed the five states from the clutches of BJP party.

In an exclusive interview with Bolta Hindustan, AAP leader Sanjay Singh made some shocking revelations regarding saffron party’s strategy for the upcoming 2019 elections.

With increased mob violence, cow vigilantism across BJP ruled states, broad day-light gruesome murders of anti-Hindutva personalities who have raised their voice against the ongoing anti-social activities, evil that has gripped the society, placing bounty rewards by BJP leaders, hard Hindutva ideologues for killing certain influential personalities, all these illegal criminal activities on the watch of the saffron party, Singh urges people to wake up and realize how Majority Hindu community is also at threat apart from other minority communities.

Bulandshahr incident was a part of one such planned strategy to instigate violence, one similar to Muzaffarpur riots, in Bulandshahr where more than 1.5 million Muslims had gathered for a three-day event.

The 48-hours old cow carcasses used to instigate violence killed two people but, surprisingly, could not reach the Muslim congregation which was close by to the violence spot.

He also revealed facts regarding ‘beef export’ that has doubled during the saffron party’s regime at the centre.

Watch the detailed interview here:

The AAP party leader asks whether is this a nation of Taliban where killing your own people has become more of an entertainment and strategy to win the elections by disrupting communal harmony among different communities who have been living peacefully.