AAP leader Gopal Rai lays out agitation plan for full statehood to Delhi

New Delhi: Laying out the agitation plan for full statehood to Delhi announced by CM Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Cabinet Minister Gopal Rai on Sunday said that the aim of the agitation is to win all seven parliamentary seats in 2019 and make the government of ‘Mahagathbandhan’ at the Centre.

He said, “Giving full statehood for Delhi used to be the focal point of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). BJP leaders and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had promised to give full statehood for Delhi in 2014 polls. So why they are not supporting this demand anymore.”

“Congress party included full statehood issues in their manifesto, former CM who herself support this demand both BJP and Congress are now taking U-turn,” he alleged.

Talking about the movement, he said, “Three-level committee at the Lok Sabha level, Delhi Assembly level and zones will be formed. Every ward is divided into two zones. The full movement will be monitored from the central protest site where Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will start the indefinite hunger strike.”

“The indefinite hunger strike will begin from 10 am in the morning March 1. On every evening, there will be ‘Purna Rajya Nyaya Yatra’ from 5 pm to 8 pm in 560 zones across Delhi. We will include local RWA, traders, students, and other professionals in the protest,” he added.

Rai, Aam Aadmi Party Delhi State Convenor said, “On the first day of the strike, all the ministers, MLA, and councillors will sit. Every day, one Lok Sabha in-charge and an MLA will give support to Kejriwal at the central agitation site. From March 10, all the member of the organisation including MLA, leaders and councillors will gather at the central protest site.

“Till March 10, we will focus on ‘Pad Yatra’. AAP organization will become part of central agitation site indefinitely. From March 10, all the MLA will become part of it,” he added.

They raised slogans ‘Delhi anyay nahi sahegi, purna rajya ab lekar rahegi’ (Delhi will tolerate injustice and will take ful statehood.), ‘Delhi ka samman adhura’, ‘purna rajya se hoga pura’ (Honour of Delhi is incomplete and will compelete after full statehood.)

According to Rai, all the government works will be carried out from the protest site. We will announce the place of protest within two days.

When asked about the timing of the agitation, he said, “There is no way left to get statehood for Delhi. This will make pressure on all the parties since the way to get statehood is from parliament.”

Earlier CM Kejriwal announced, “From March 1, we will launch the movement to make Delhi a full state and we will not end till Delhi gets full statehood. All of entire Delhi now needs to launch a movement for full statehood.”