AAP launches central ‘war room’ ahead of polls

New Delhi: Gearing up for the Lok Sabha polls, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday launched its central ‘War Room’ comprising a 20-member team here.

Inaugurating the set-up packed with a dozen laptops and printers, and maps of the city and the constituencies on its walls, AAP leader Gopal Rai told the media, “This will play an important role in speeding up our campaign for the Lok Sabha polls in Delhi.”

Similar ‘war rooms’ have been established in each of the seven Parliamentary constituencies in Delhi.

“The 20-member team sitting here will coordinate with the teams working on the ground. as well as the ‘war rooms’ in the constituencies,” said Rai.

According to Rai, “AAP’s campaign is running at four levels. While senior party leaders are holding rallies, the others are organising gatherings at different levels.”

Most Central war room team members are loyalists who have been with AAP since its inception. They submit a daily report to Rai every night.

“Based on the report I receive, we strategise and plan our next move. The directions are conveyed to the Central room, which informs the others,” said Rai.

The war rooms also takes care of the volunteers coming from outside Delhi.

The party has appointed Observers in each of the Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies.

“There are seven observers for the Lok Sabha constituencies and 70 for the Assembly constituencies. None of the observers are from the area they represent,” the AAP leader added.

They all share their observations with the Central war room, which uses this information while preparing its report.

The party has also appointed a team of 14 people for Emergency Feedback, who will inspect the ‘war rooms’ and check the implementation of campaign plans on the ground. “In all about 1.5 lakh people will be involved in our campaign on the ground,” he added.