Aamir Khan has a special health advice for pregnant Kareena Kapoor!

New Delhi : Father of three, Aamir Khan, has a very important advice for his pregnant ‘3 Idiots’ co-star Kareena Kapoor Khan – ‘No coffee.’

The Mumbai Mirror reports that the mother-to-be, who is shooting a commercial at Bandra film studio for Adhuna Bhabhani Akhtar’s salon for the past few days, was visited by Mr. Perfectionist recently.

The 51-year-old actor, who was also shooting in a studio nearby, dropped in to say “hello” to Bebo and gave some tips on eating healthy.

“No coffee” was his firm instruction. According to a study, when a pregnant woman drinks a cup of coffee, caffeine crosses the placenta and gets into baby’s bloodstream.

While the mother’s body metabolises to get rid of the caffeine, the baby’s takes a much longer time to process the caffeine. As a result, the baby is exposed to the effects of caffeine for much longer than the mother.