Aamir Khan to launch a new book

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan to launch a book named ‘How To Be Human – Life Lessons by Buddy Hirani’ penned by Manjeet Hirani on Monday.

Manjeet, who is a pilot, influencer – speaker and also the wife of iconic filmmaker Rajumar Hirani, is all set to unveil her book in the presence of Khan, reads a statement.

In the book, Manjeet writes about attachment, parenting, and karma, among other things. She shows how having a dog in the house can alter your perspective and change the way you experience life.

In an earlier statement Manjeet shared: “The book is about my dog Buddy. Every chapter takes inspiration from Buddy and what he teaches me about life. So I guess, there was a writer deep inside me and Buddy dug it out. A big hug to Buddy.”

Aamir Khan shares a long-standing bond with the Hirani with whom he has collaborated over successful films like “3 idiots” and “PK”.