Aam Panna to Lassi: These summer drinks offer numerous health benefits

New Delhi: Is the scorching heat leaving you tired and dehydrated? Try one of the traditional thirst busters to beat the heat and feel energized all over again.

Even in urban times, when we have substitutes for almost everything, nothing can replace the goodness of freshly made lassi, tangy aam panna, jaljeera water, refreshing sugarcane juice, and mango shake.
Not only these drinks are tasty and easy to make, but also offer numerous health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of five evergreen summer drinks.

Aam Panna:

If you are a fan of tangy flavour, this drink will be your summer best friend. Not only Aam Panna prevents dehydration, but it also improves digestion and helps fight diabetes.

Aam Panna is prepared from raw mangoes, fresh mint, sugar, salt and roasted cumin powder, which makes it rich in vitamins A and B, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and iron.


This old Punjabi drink serves as a healthy and refreshing summer drink. Traditionally, this was taken after a meal to prevent stomach problems. Unsurprisingly, lassi has several other health benefits as well.

This calcium and vitamin D rich drink is made from yoghurt, rose water, saffron, cardamom powder and dry fruits. These ingredients make it a perfect drink for boosting the immune system. It also makes the bones stronger, aid digestion, enhance skin quality and of course, keep the body cool.

Jaljeera water:

Jaljeera water is one of the favourite drinks of people in North India. It is not just famous for its refreshing flavour, but also for its health benefits.

Prepared from mint leaves, lemon juice, black salt and dry cumin seed powder, jaljeera water helps in breaking down mucus. It also keeps tummy problems away along with keeping the body cool.

Sugarcane juice:

Everyone, especially kids, loves this sweet summer juice. Popularly known as ‘ganne ka ras,’ it is prepared by extracting juice from sugarcane. This sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron-rich juice has countless health benefits such as preventing wrinkles, aiding liver problems, removing body toxins, relieving fever, and boosting immunity etc.

Mango shake:

Made from milk and sweet seasonal mangoes, this protein-rich quencher is best for those trying to gain weight. Mango shakes is iron, protein, vitamin-A and beta-carotene rich drink. Thus it is also good for anaemia patient and makes heart and eyes healthy.