AAI employees to launch protest against management

New Delhi: Joint Forum of Unions and Associations of Airports Authority of India (AAI) will launch a nationwide protest on July 6 against AAI Management regarding reduction in allowances of employees in view of COVID-19.

“Joint Forum of AAI shall refrain from holding lunch hour demonstration if management defers the Board meeting which is going to be held on July 7, 2021, to take a decision on perks and allowances deferment.” Balraj Singh Ahlawat, General Secretary, AAI said.

At present, 17,000 employees come under associations and unions.

“It is unfortunate to observe that the leadership of Jt Forum has served upon AAI the notice for holding lunch hour demonstration on 06.07.2021 in all airports including all other AAI establishments despite holding rounds of discussions on the issue with top management of AAL, which are under consideration,” said General Manager, HR, AAI.

AAI’s joint forum of unions and unions has said that the AAI management is considering cutting or deferring the salaries of employees to overcome the financial crisis caused by the pandemic.