‘Aadhar saved his life’, Odds of Aadhar saving lives

‘Aadhar saved his life’, Odds of Aadhar saving lives

India is a nation, where billions of people have a strong devotion towards numerous gods, while many miracles often go unexplained, miracles in the medical field have always astonished people around the world, with many bizarre miracles being reported from various parts of the world.

With the ongoing hype into Aadhar and the SC’s possible ruling into making it compulsory, soon India will have miracles related to Aadhar saving the citizens lives with the Government seizing anything and everything belonging to a citizen and masterfully linking everything to Aadhar.

Though Patanjali’s Putrajeevak claimed consumption of this rare herbs mixture would help mothers give birth to male boys nothing such have happened so far in spite of consuming it and are still giving births to female girls.

Recently a man played guitar while he was being operated in OT, none of the family members had a heart attack seeing the final bill after the discharge of a patient after 40 days from a super specialty hospital, one of the ministers have been admitted to a local hospital for a mild sore throat, numerous miracles are yet to be witnessed and recorded in India with the latest one possibly to be Aadhar saving citizens life.

Odds of Aadhar saving a life in the future:

A man in his forties is brought in Medanta ER. On-duty Junior Doctors rush towards the patient with all their medical equipment’s and he is declared ‘critical’.

‘Critical’ in medical terms means that relatives of the patients have to cough up Rs 3 lakh as a caution deposit and then the hospital will start its initial treatment.

After the patient is given a couple of blood bottles, senior surgeon an Emergency specialist Dr. YM Raj walks in the ER. After silently going through the patient’s medical sheet which usually hangs on the foot of the bed, glances at the patient and asks “Please call his attendant.”

(The scene now shifts to outside the ER and is between the senior surgeon and the patient’s attendant)

Dr YM Raj: “Aapke paas time bahut kam hai.”
Bharat (the attendant): “Humne advance deposit kar diya hai.”
Dr YM Raj: “Good. But I am serious. Your patient is very serious.”
Bharat: “Oh! Please be frank and tell me what are his chances?”
Dr YM Raj: “Actually very slim. Only if he can hold on for the next 8 hours. Inko dua ki zaroorat hai.”
Bharat: “!?!”
Dr YM Raj: “Insurance hai?”
Bharat: “Kaunsa?”
Dr YM Raj: “Life wala”
Bharat: “Yes Sir, hai. He is heavily insured. In fact, I’m one of the nominees.”
Dr YM Raj: “Inka Aadhaar card bana hua hai?”
Bharat: “I don’t think so. He is a liberal. He even filed his IT return without Aadhaar.”
Dr YM Raj: “Oh!”
Bharat: “Kya hua, sir?”
Dr YM Raj: “From today, Aadhaar card ke bina death certificate nahin milega.”
Bharat: “What!!!”
Dr YM Raj: “Here is home ministry’s tweet. Official handle hai.”
Bharat: “Oh my god! Ab kya hoga?”
Dr YM Raj: “Please don’t waste time. Ho sake to inka Aadhaar card banwa lijiye. You have only a few hours!”

The attendant is now worried for his brother-patient, checks the UIDAI website.
He makes numerous calls to one after another Aadhar enrollment centers and requests the officers to make one for the patient in the ER.

Finally, Mr Nandan from Nilekani Aadhar Centre agrees to come and arrives to the ER with his biometric equipment.

He asks the Doctor to take off the oxygen mask of the patient for his photograph and takes the finger prints of the patient.

The attendant bends over the patient’s ear and slowly whispers “Aadhaar banwa diya aapka. Ab koi chinta nahin.”

As soon as the patient who was critical few hours ago, miraculously shows signs of improvement with all vitals starting to get stable in the next 6 hours, the patient slowly opens his eyes gains consciousness and angrily mutters “Woh Bharat kahan hai?”

As miracles happen so do the need to inform the world.

The very next day in a press release, Medanta medical superintendent Dr YM Raj claims, “In my long career as a doctor, I have seen many miracles, but this is the first-of-its-kind. It’s country’s first Aadhaar miracle!”