Aadhar Fraud: Man duped of Rs 20000 after giving his Aadhar Number

Aadhar Fraud: Man duped of Rs 20000 after giving his Aadhar Number

Hyderabad: Debates on Aadhar’s safety seem to have no end with Centre still not yet decided on Aadhar issue.

In a recent online fraud reported a fraudster has duped a supervisor at KCP Sugar Factory of Vuyyur of his Rs 20000 after Prakash had revealed his Aadhar details to the fraudster, Hans reported.

According to sources, the fraudster called up supervisor Y Prakash at the sugar factory and told him that his Addhar Number has expired and that he needs to renew it. The caller then asked Prakash to send the one-time password he received.

It was only after few hours Prakash found an amount of Rs 20000 was withdrawn from his account. He immediately informed the Police.

The police are now investigating the case.

So it is all that it takes to dupe anyone when the fraudster has access to just the Aadhar number. Well, it is already known to one and all of the online bank frauds that do happen on a daily basis when the fraudsters have access to your bank account details.

This just seems to the beginning of the new online Aadhar fraud unless a strong decision is taken to invalidate center’s mandated law.

The government has now made it even easier for these fraudsters to dupe people of their money, could be lives later, by linking Aadhar with the individual’s personal information.