A Hindu woman buried in Muslim graveyard to honour her last wish

Mumbai: While some vested interests are trying hard to create communal hatred dividing society on religious lines, there is yet another case of Hindu Muslim affinity in the Pune district of Maharashtra where a daughter buried her mother in a Muslim Qabristan to honour her last wish.

Chaggan Bai Kishan, a resident of Indira Nagar, Pune told her daughter Laxmi to bury her instead of cremation if she died in the holy month of Ramzan as per the Muslim rites.

Laxmibai honoured the last wish of her mother and buried her on Wednesday in Yerwada’s Jai Jawan Muslim Qabaristan.

According to Laxmi her mother was suffering from arthritis and was undergoing treatment at home.

On Tuesday her condition became critical and she was taken to Jumbo Hospital at Shivajinagar. However, Chhagan Bai died before reaching the hospital. The hospital confirmed her death due to Covid-19.

The hospital authorities, after initial reluctance, agreed to release the dead body for burial.

All the paperwork has been completed at 2 am and the body of Chhagan Bai had been laid to rest in a grave early Wednesday morning with the help of “Muslim Forum” President Anjum Inamdar and other local Muslims.