Indian nurse severely beats elderly Kuwaiti woman; arrested

Dubai: An Indian nurse has been arrested on Tuesday in Kuwait on charges of reportedly beating an elderly Kuwaiti woman and breaking her legs.

According to a Kuwait newspaper, a complaint was filed by the victim’s son with the police stating that the nurse was hired to take care of the elderly mother from a private nursing home. The victim had been taken to Al Razi hospital for treatment after the attack.

Later, the nurse was arrested, and it was found that she was of Indian nationality.

As of now, the reason for the nurse’s assault on the elderly woman has not been revealed.

The story caused an uproar on social networking sites in Kuwait, where users expressed their anger at the nurse and demanded to know the reasons for her carrying out such an inhuman act.

A Twitter user wrote a comment on the incident: An Indian nurse assaulted a female citizen and broke her foot in Yarmouk, Kuwait.

One of the comments said: “Humanity has departed from the hearts of human beings, O God.”