96th Du-ba-Du program held on Sunday

Hyderabad: Millat Fund of Siasat Urdu Daily organized 96th Du-ba-Du program from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, 21st April at Red Rose Palace Function Hall, opposite Haj House, Nampally. It was attended by a large number of parents and guardians of the boys and girls to be married. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily patronized this program. Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily along with Mr. Iftekhar Shareef (Chicago), Mr. Mohammed Iqbal (India Baitulmal, Gulbarga), Mr. Manzoor Ahmed (Safa Baitulmal), Mr. Hayat Husain Habeeb and other NRIs visited various counters. The volunteers of the counters furnished the details and spoke to parents and guardians.

Mr. Mohammed Iqbal Ali, Ms. Saleha expressed their delight for conducting this program and congratulated Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan. They said that when they come to their home country, they have a desire to see such programs.

Mr. Iftekhar Shareef told that he attended such programs earlier. He felt that even today, parents and guardians are anxious to find suitable matches for their wards.

Mr. Iqbal Ali suggested that this program should not be confined to Hyderabad. He felt the need to organize such program in Gulbarga also.

Seated on the dais were Mr. Mohammed Nazimuddin, Mr. Saleh bin Abdullah Bahaziq, Dr. Ayub Haideri, Dr. Shaikh Siyadat Ali, Dr. Nazim Ali, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed, Mr. Ilyas Pasha and others. Mr. Marjin Hasan recited the Quranic verses. Dr. Shaikh Siyadat Ali in his speech told that he prayed the previous night for the bright future of the boys and girls. He hoped that Allah (SWT) will accept his prayers. He further told that Islam has given a holy book to the Muslims. It is their duty to communicate the message of the Quran to the entire humanity.

Mr. Ilyas Pasha highlighted the objectives of the program. He told that this program is not meant only for finalizing matrimonial alliances but its main aim is to make realize the responsibilities to the future grooms and brides.

Dr. Nazim Ali, Mr. Ilyas Pasha attended graduates counter whereas Nazimuddin, Ms. Rayeesa, Mr. Saleh bin Abdullah ba Haziq were responsible for furnishing details of SSC, Alim Fazil and intermediate passed candidates.

Ms. Shahana, Ms. Shaista along with Ameena, Mazhar and Sania attended the counter meant for second marriages. Ms. Shameem Begum registered the entries on siasatmatri.com .

Mr. Syed Khalid Mohiuddin Asad and Ayub Haideri guided the parents and guardians.

In all, 120 boys and 150 girls registered their names for this program. This program was telecast on YouTube, Facebook and Siasat TV which was seen by many parents and guardians in India and abroad.

Mr. Faheem Ansari assisted the volunteers. Heavy rush of parents and guardians was witnessed at PG counter.

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