Road roller kills two women labourers

Pune: Two women labourers — migrants from the drought-hit Marathwada — were crushed under the wheels of a road-roller while resting under its shade at Talegaon industrial area, 40 km from here, today.

Driver of the road-roller started it without realising that the women were resting underneath, police said.

As the luck would have it, the victims Gangu Ambore (45) and Geeta Ambore, residents of Parbhani district in Marathwada, had migrated here because of the drought and found work at the MIDC industrial area.

A police officer attached to Wadgaon police station said the women, to escape the scorching sun, had sneaked in between the rear and front wheels of the road roller.

“Driver of the road-roller came and started the vehicle not knowing they were underneath. The moment it moved forward, both women were hit by the rear wheel,” he said.

People who saw it started shouting and a confused driver then reversed, so both the women came under its front wheel and died on the spot.