95-year-old wakes up during his own funeral, leaves everyone in shock

Budh Ram, a 95-year-old man left his family astonished when he woke up at his own funeral saying he was just taking a nap.

Earlier he reportedly sat up and told his grieving relatives he had pain in his chest so he decided to take a nap.

According to the report published in DC, a doctor had told the family that he was dead after he fainted at his home, this incident took place in the north-western region of Rajasthan in India.

A priest was summoned to the home to perform the pensioner’s last rites as he was declared dead on Saturday.

Balu Ram, his eldest son, said the family were preparing the usual bath to clean the body before the funeral when he started shivering and when water was poured on his chest, the family were shocked to see him shaking so they took him to a bed and he started visibly breathing.

His son has praised his ‘back from the dead’ a ‘miracle.’