95 cities throw up range of smart vision statements

95 cities throw up range of smart vision statements

New Delhi : Of the 95 Indian cities that are keen to convert to smart status, most aspire to be clean and green, while others want to leverage their heritage, stimulating economic development and inclusivity, and other unique features.

These smart city plans for 95 cities have been received in the Ministry of Urban Development and have thrown up a variety of vision statements.

At least 11 cities are aiming at emerging as clean, green and sustainable cities. Nine cities are seeking to leverage their rich cultural heritage legacy for stimulating development, eight cities stated economic growth and development as the core of their vision, while the remainder are seeking to emerge as tourism hubs, port cities, education and health hubs, industrial and institutional centres etc.

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in its vision statement aimed at emerging as the global bench mark for a capital city. Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh has envisaged becoming an economically vibrant, environment-friendly smart city while conserving heritage and culture, by promoting communal harmony and sustainable urban infrastructure.

Dahod (Gujarat) sought to emerge as a dynamic Dahod and a multi-functional activity hub for tribals. Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) seeks to be a healthy metropolis while Warangal in neighbouring Telangana is keen to emerge as vibrant regional economic hub besides being clean and green.

Lucknow is keen about emerging as a clean, green and efficient citizen centric city with a modern economy and outlook anchored in its tradition, heritage and culture with better quality of life.

Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh wants to emerge as a well managed clean, green, environment friendly city with a character of its own defined by scenic beauty, intellectual capital, eco-friendly tourism and an inclusive capital.

Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh wants to transform itself from a pensioners’ paradise to an economic destination

Biharshariff in Bihar wants to emerge as a tourism gateway

Chandigarh: Seeks to be an ideal city which is innovative, distinct and dynamic, economically vibrant, accessible and livable.

Chattisgarh’s Bilaspur wants to be the cultural capital of the state.

Goa’s Panaji wants to be transformed into a world class, environmentally sustainable and inclusive city while preserving its heritage, cultural diversity and ecosystems through innovation and smart solutions.

Gujarat’s Gandhinagar wants to be an institutional hub with diversified economic base that provides equitable setting for all to live and work with better quality of life and infrastructure.

Rajkot in the same state wants to become a sustainable, modern, affordable, resilient and technology driven smart city. (ANI)