9000 students, researchers visits CCMB on its ‘Open-Day’

Hyderabad: Over 9000 people visits Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) on it’s foundation day which is Sept 26, CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) celebrated it’s foundation day on Thursday by opening the gates of CCMB for people.

CCMB a premium national institution for the public to get a firsthand information on new scientific developments. Every year, this life sciences research institute opens its gates for everyone to showcase and discuss its research. Most of the visitors were students from Hyderabad. 

CCMB put up exhibits explaining the fundamental science behind processes occurring in different kinds of living cells – microbial, plants and animals.

The scientists initiated discussions on genes in individuals to genomes of populations, and the state of the art techniques to study these. They showed how proteins, the tiny machines inside our cells, can be visualized and studied. Many of the socially relevant technologies developed by CCMB scientists like DNA fingerprinting and improved rice varieties, were discussed.

There was also a booth to encourage entrepreneurship in life sciences among young students. In addition, there were booths discussing urging problems of antibiotic resistance and climate change – to create awareness among the visitors.

We celebrate the Foundation Day of CSIR as festival of CCMB and festival of Science.  All our students and staff participate to interact with visitors and convey them the message of science and scientific temper

Dr. Rakesh K. Mishra, Director, CCMB.

The highlights of the programme was a guided tour of campus and facilities, exhibits and posters on popular topics in modern biology, facts of biological world, conservation genetics and wildlife forensics and video-shows on science.

Over 170 Ph.D. students and 80 scientists from CCMB participated in this day-long event.

The institutions displayed their R&D exhibits to inculcate scientific attitude among students, especially at the school level.

Authored by Roshan Bint Raheem, shaikzawah16@gmail.com