90 per cent of the language used in Bollywood films is Urdu

The renowned lyricist, poet and filmmaker Gulzar while addressing the inaugural function of a one-day national seminar said that the origin of Urdu language is in India and it is an Indian language.

In the seminar organised by the department of Urdu of the Maulana Azad National Urdu University, he said Urdu had grown as it adopted the words from other languages. “It is decorated with words from Arabic, Persian, Prakrit, Sanskrit and English.”

He stated “Almost 90 per cent of the language used in Bollywood films is Urdu. People who know Hindi admire the Urdu language, but they do not know the true pronunciation, it is our responsibility to guide them. This will enhance the reach of Urdu.”

He revealed that Vyjayanthimala used to write her Urdu dialogues in Tamil script. He rendering some of his famous poems, ‘Kitabein’, ‘Yeh Kaisa Ishq Hai Urdu Zaban Ka’, ‘Table Lamp’, ‘Balli Maraan’ in his unique style.

The Manuu Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz said Gulzar had written the University tarana in 2014 in collaboration with music director Vishal Bharadwaj. It was rendered by Sukhvinder Singh.