9 TN fishermen rescued by Coast Guard

Chennai: Nine Tamil Nadu fishermen, stranded in high seas after water entered the engine room of their fishing boat, were rescued by the Indian Coast Guard on Tuesday, an official statement said.

In a statement issued here, the Coast Guard said its ship ICGS Shaurya received information at 4 a.m. about flooding of fishing boat ‘PalaniMurugan’, stranded about 150 km from here.

On reaching the spot, the Coast Guard ship found nine fishermen stranded in the boat and found water ingress in its engine room while the vessel had also sustained major underwater damage.

The Coast Guard team deflooded the fishing boat with submersible pumps and decided to tow it back to shore.

However due to increased flooding and sea conditions turning dangerous, the master and crew of ‘PalaniMurugan’ requested the Coast Guard ship for assistance to abandon their fishing boat.

With the vessel’s nine crew safely onboard, the Coast Guard ship returned here at 8 p.m.