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9-month-old baby in Sharjah died in hospital after beaten up by maid

9-month-old baby in Sharjah died in hospital after beaten up by maid

SHARJAH – A 9-month-old baby Salama Al Mazmi ,who was in a coma after being assaulted by maid has died at 5 am on Wednesday .

According to the girl’s father Salim Al Mazmi a 28-year-old Indonesian maid had allegedly tortured Salama. The girl has sustained internal head injuries, fractured ribs and had bruises on various parts of the body.

He also said that the maid has confessed to her crime. She had beaten the girl several times because she was crying for no reason.

Mr. Mazmi was working in the military force in Abu Dhabi said.”We have installed cameras everywhere in the house, expect the bedroom and the maid beat the girl inside the bedroom.”

Salama was admitted to the hospital on July 13. Dr Satish Krishnan, a senior consultant and neurological surgeon at Al Qassimi, said Salama arrived at the hospital unconscious and not breathing.

“Emergency teams resuscitated her and once she started to breathe and was stabilised, a CT scan was carried out and found a blood clot in her brain, from an old injury.”

Dr Krishnan said. “The scan revealed a skull fracture and broken rib from a previous injury.”

She had been a coma for the past two weeks. Her father, Salem, said the hospital called him with the tragic news.

“I received the call early in the morning from the hospital and they told me that Salama has passed away, may she rest in peace,”he said.

Sharjah Police said they have arrested the maid and referred the case to public prosecution. They also questioned the parents who were found not guilty for negligence and were immediately released.