9 killed, dozens injured in Aleppo Chlorine attack

Damascus: As many as nine people were killed and dozens injured in chlorine-filled shell attacks by militants in Aleppo on Saturday.

Al Arabiya reported that the shells were loaded with chlorine gas which further caused breathing problems to the people exposed to the attack.

Sputnik quoted a Syrian military source as saying, “The Syrian army responded to the shelling of militants, attacking the positions from which the shelling was carried out, militants suffered significant losses.”

Aleppo was liberated by Syrian government troops from militant and terror groups in 2016 but militants continued to shell the city from positions in Aleppo’s suburbs.

The Russian Center for Syrian reconciliation warned earlier in November that militants were planning new attacks with the use of chemical agents in Syria. In particular, the Russian Defense Ministry said that militants have transported 20 containers with toxic chlorine into Syria.

In October, Daesh terrorists attacked Nusra Front militants in the Syrian settlement of Al-Lataminah, killing at least two White Helmet staffers and seizing at least two canisters of chlorine, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the seized chlorine canisters were later transported to the south of Aleppo province and handed over to terrorists of the Daesh-linked Hurras al-Din group.

In addition to this, the governor of Aleppo, Hussein Diyab, reported an increase in the number of injured civilians in the attack, saying that this is confirmation of the possession of chemical weapons by terrorists, Sputnik reported.