9 fashion tips that can get you hired at your next job interview

New delhi: Before heading out for a job interview, make sure you are dressed in solid colours and appropriate attire, suggest experts.

Salesh Grover, Business Head at OSL Luxury Collections Pvt. Ltd, Vandana Anurag, Founder of The Parisian Boudoir (online-multi-brand boutique) and designer Sunil Mehra have listed a few tips:

* Make sure your clothes are clean and properly ironed, this will bring out your confidence. Wrinkled and untidy clothes leave a very negative impression. Don’t wear dirty and muddy shoes as they will make you appear unhygienic and lazy.

* Always choose a tie that complements your suit as well as your shirt. Tie with small and conservative prints blend with all styles. Coordinate the tie with the suit. You can match the colour of tie with shoes.
* Wear suits that are in darker hues like black and navy blue. Make sure it fits properly so that you look and do your best.

* An attire reflects your personality, so always wear clothes that not only make you look good but also feel good. Always dress in to an outfit that brings out your inner confidence for an everlasting impression.

* For women, dress up in styles like pantsuits, sheath dresses and pencil skirts. For a sincere and mature look, conservative dressing is the best option.

* Choose outfit that go well with the company culture and dress code. Your appearance will make the employer think of you as a perfect fit for their corporate culture.

* Avoid wearing uncomfortable clothes and shoes as this will distract you from the interview and reduce your confidence.

* Do not wear revealing and skin-fit outfit no matter how casual the office environment is.

* Avoid suits with big prints as they are more suitable for casual occasions