‘9 out of 10 beef eaters are IITians’: Giriraj Singh

BJP’s motormouth leader Giriraj who known for his controversial comments kicked up another controversy saying that “9 Out of 10 educated people who eat beef 9 are from IIT”.

As per a report in Rediff.com, Singh during an event in West Champaran on Thursday, stoked controversy by saying that most of the beef eaters are from prestigious educational institute IIT.

“Aaj samaj mein jo bachche gir gaye hain ha,gau maans kha rahein hain. Padhe likhe duslog jo gau maans kha rahein hain unmein senau IITs ke hain (People who have fallen in society eat beef. Out of 10 educated people who eat beef, 9 are from IITs),” the report stated.

Just this week, he’s said that Indian families needs to have two sons each to save a Hindu “population that was “coming down” “Otherwise, like Pakistan, we too will have to keep our daughters under the veil,”he reportedly said.

He also recommended revoking the voting rights of couples with over two children, citing the need for population control.