82-year-old man vowed to marry if he passes Class 10, fails for 47th time

82-year-old Rajasthan man Shiv Charan, who vowed to marry only if he passed Class 10 examinations, failed for 47th time.

The results of the Rajasthan board’s Class 10 examinations, which were announced on Sunday, shattered his hopes of getting married.

Shiv Charan,also known as Sheojiram or Pappu, is a resident of Kohari village in Behror town around 140 km from Jaipur.

“Till the time I am alive I will go on taking the exam,” Shiv Charan told IANS on Monday.

Shiv Charan, who lives in a temple, depends on the state govt’s old age pension to meet his daily needs.

“It is not just passing the exam. It will also give me an opportunity to get married,” he said.

Despite failing eyesight, problems in hearing and joint pains, his passion to clear the exam remains intact.

“In 1995 I passed in all subjects except mathematics,” he said.

However, this time, he failed in all subjects, securing zero in some of them. Charan took his first board exams in 1969.