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8-year-old Palestinian girl dies after Israeli settler drove his car over her

8-year-old Palestinian girl dies after Israeli settler drove his car over her

Palestine: Aseel Abu Oun, an eight-year-old Palestinian girl died after Israeli settler drove his car over her on Saturday. She was buried on Sunday.

This accident took place in the Foroush Beit Dajan village of Nablus district, occupied West Bank.

According to the news published in Al Jazeera, after the accident, girl’s father, Tareq Abu Oun who is also the witness, stopped the car along with other men. At the time of the accident, the settler was armed.

It may be mentioned that settler can carry arm and it is legal whereas Palestinian are not allowed to carry any weapon.

It is also reported that she was going to the supermarket with her friend when the accident took place. After the accident, police detained driver of the vehicle for investigations. However, they did not disclose whether the driver had been released.

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Meanwhile, family members of Aseel said that the police investigation is to calm public anger.

Talking to newsmen, Jawdat Abu Oun, a family member of Aseel said that they are aware of the way Israeli police deals with attacks on Palestinians. He also said that they requested for independent, third party investigation. However, it is not likely to happen, he added.

Short life of Aseel

Her family migrated from the village of Jaba to Foroush Beit Dajan where her father worked in agriculture. Israeli army regularly orders him to demolish his house.

An expert on settlement affairs and Israeli violations, Aref Daraghmeh visited the family on Friday after Israeli forces officially notified seizure of the home. He said that Aseel was holding papers with full of hope when he visited.

It may be noted that this is not the first accident by Jewish settlers. The surprising fact is that it rarely investigated.

In one such accident which took place in 2014, 5-year-old, Inas Khalil and her friend Touleen Asfour were hit by the car of the settler. Recently, four Palestinian boys were severely injured by settler’s car.