7,289 acres of Nizam’s land goes missing, may be secretly sold

Hyderabad: Prime land of an expanse about 7,289 acres in different parts of the city is missing. The present estimated value of missing property is about Rs 25,000 crore. Once was a part of Nizam’s inheritance, but even their family are unaware of the exact locations of these land parcels today.

TOI reports, this land is spread within and outside city limits like Pahadi Sharif, Ravurial, Gachibowli, Mangalaram, Ibrahimpatnam, Saidabad, Shaikpet, Balapur, Mahbubguda, and Uppal, according to `Blue Book’ (official document containing the landed properties etc of the Nizam VII, Mir Osman Ali Khan).

According to the old government records and the `Blue Book’-the Nizam owned 23,253 acres of pasture or grasslands known as `Kancha’-in local terminology. The former Hyderabad state had acquired 15,964 acres in March 1956, six months before the collaboration of Hyderabad and Andhra states to form AP.

Nawab Mir Najaf Ali Khan, Nizam’s grandson is fighting for compensation for 15,964 acres alleging that the government has not reimbursed the Nizam or his legal heirs. The missing land of 7,289 acres is another story.

It is feared that much of the land spread over nine Kancha (total 23 Kancha spread over 23,253 acres) has been either illegally occupied or secretly sold away.

Incidentally, all areas come under the then Hyderabad district as there was no Rangareddy district when the records were made in the early 1950s. The problem is to find the exact locations today due to the lack of revenue records.

“It’s a start but a huge task lies ahead. The government should find the land parcels and restore them to the legal heirs,” Najaf Ali told.