72 couples got married in Tableeghi congregation

During the three-day Tableeghi congregation, 72 Muslim couples got married and most of them announced that they have paid the amount of “Maher” on the spot. Maulana Showkat Sithapuri delivered the wedding sermon collectively.


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Earlier, he delivered a comprehensive speech on Muslim marriages and persuaded the Muslim community to make marriages simpler and to avoid unnecessary expenses in marriages. He also prayed for the welfare of the newly-married couples and for their pious children. He further told that without the consent of Allah (SWT), no objective could be fulfilled. We can seek the blessings of Allah (SWT) by following the traditions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Maulana Qasim Quraishi told that following the religion of Allah (SWT) leads to success. He advised the Muslim community to offer prayers in the appropriate manner. He said that if 5 times prayers are offered in the best way, success would be assured. Salat is the best gift given to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) by Allah (SWT). Despite getting this gift, our carelessness is leading to worries. It is our responsibility to make our prayers righteous. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has taught his companions to offer prayers in the right manner. He further told that a person cannot follow the path of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) unless he adopts piety. It is therefore essential that we should practice the religion in its entirety.

–Siasat News