7,000 crores of Indian money deposited in Swiss Banks in 2017

50% jump in Indians depositing money in Swiss Banks during NDA government:

New Delhi: Congress has slammed BJP party led by Modi over sudden surge in Indians depositing money in Swiss Banks ever since the NDA government came to power in 2014 and the recent crores of scams witnessed in India.

Reports of statistics on Indian money deposited in Swiss Banks reveals there has been 50% increase in Indians depositing money in Swiss Bank ever since Modiji came to power, NewsNation reported.

The opposition now alleges the NDA Government is helping its “suited-booted” friends convert black money into white through money laundering.

Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi has accused the Modi government of creating a “money laundering scam” through demonetisation, which proves right looking at the recent crores of scams.

“I would like to remind real, fake and shadow Finance Ministers of India, demonetisation was a money laundering scam that government created. This government has worked towards one goal of protecting its suited booted friends and ensure help to convert black money into white,” Chaturvedi said.

Opposite to BJP party’s claims of bringing black money back to India from Swiss Banks the suspected black money has only surged up by 50 percent after demonetization and NDA coming to power.

It was how NDA government has fooled people by promising to bring back the money within 100 days of BJP party forming central government.

Congress Chief Rahul on Friday slamming PM Modi reminded him of his 2014 promise to bring back the ‘black money or Kaala Dhan’.

“2014, HE said: I will bring back all the “BLACK” money in Swiss Banks & put 15 Lakhs in each Indian bank A/C. 2016, HE said: Demonetisation will cure India of “BLACK” money. 2018, HE says: 50% jump in Swiss Bank deposits by Indians, is “WHITE” money. No “BLACK” in Swiss Banks!” Rahul tweeted.

According to the official annual data released on June 28, 2018 by Swiss National Bank (SNB), total funds deposited by Indians in 2017 rose up to CHF999 million(Rs 6,891 crores) while funds held through fiduciaries and wealth managers constituted to CHF16.2 million(Rs 112 crores) whereas in 2016 the figures stood at CHF664.8 million and CHF 11 million respectively, latestly.com reported.

Revealing further into the data, customer deposits stood up to CHF464 million (Rs 3,200 crores), CHF 152 million (Rs 1,050 crores) through other banks and CHF383 million (Rs 2,640 crores) as other liabilities such as securities.