70 Minorities Res Schools will Start from June– KCR

The Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has  said that the Telangana Government has introduced a flagship scheme and sanctioned 70 Minorities Residential Schools, which will be started from June  2016.  This singular bold step costing the Government more than Rs.2000 crore is unparalleled in the history of the country, he said.   

In a policy statement made in the State Assembly while moving the demand for grants of Minorities Welfare, the chief Minister said the Government has always laid emphasis on progress and empowerment of Minorities.  The Budget Estimates for Minorities welfare for the year 2016-17 include Rs.1200 crore under Plan and Rs. 4.43 crore under Non-plan, totaling Rs.1204.43 crore. .   

KCR said that the starting of residential schools is one of programmes proposed to strengthen the human resources available with the Implementing Agencies.  The other proposals are; to introduce on-line system for Educational Scholarships and subsidy programmes, Shaadi Mubark, Overseas study scheme for Minorities and visit to Holy land Jerusalem.  A web-based programme for all the schemes is being developed through Centre for Good Governance and permanent staff for Minorities Welfare Department would be appointed.  

It was also proposed to introduce a Human Resource Policy so as to strengthen the organizational structure at the field level through consultancies and out sourcing employees with progessional capabilities to implement the MsDP and the Economic Development Schemes.(NSS)