7 prisoners escaped from hospital

Hyderabad, December 31: 7 prisoners escaped from a city hospital on Friday, who were admitted to Erragadda hospital for unstable mental condition. The convicted prisoners escaped from the hospital in a filmy style in the wee hours of Friday.

It is said that since their mental condition was not stable they were shifted to the hospital from Cherlapally jail from where they escaped breaking the window rods.

The 7 prisoners were Laxmaiya (Daulatabad), G Pasham, Yadgiri (Topran), Gir Raj (Haryana), Afroz (Adilabad) Ramulu (Sangareddy), Narsimha (Kondapur). According to reliable sources except Afroz all prisoners’ mental condition was stable. Three policemen were deployed for their supervision.

Meanwhile police commissioner A K Khan told that special police teams are active in the manhunt for the absconding prisoners.

Siasat news