7.2 magnitude earthquake jolts southern Philippines

Manilla: An earthquake measuring 7.2 magnitudes on the Richter scale struck the southern Philippines island of Mindanao on Saturday.

Tremors rocked the southern island of Mindanao at about 3.40am (local time), reported the United States Geological Survey.

No casualty has been reported yet.

The Pacific Warning Center has also issued tsunami alerts for the Philippines and Indonesia.

“There is a tsunami threat for coastlines of the Philippines and Indonesia within 300 km of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Mindanao, Philippines. No tsunami hazard for anywhere else,” tweeted Pacific Warning Center.

The agency has also asked people living near the coast to stay alert and follow the instructions from national and local authorities.

This earthquake has come just days after a deadly tsunami following an eruption in Krakatoa volcano hit Indonesia killing over 420 people and injuring thousands.