6th class student from Warangal secured seat in Elon Musk’s School

Hyderabad: A sixth class government schoolboy Anik Paul from Warangal secured a seat in Elon Musk’s Synthesis School in the United States of America (USA). His father Vijay Paul who is a teacher in a government school came to know about the Elon Musk School and wanted his child to enroll there.

Anil Paul cleared the Elon Musk Synthesis School entrance exam in three rounds. The entrance exam has three levels. Synthesis ‌management gives questions in the form of videos and games and examines how students answer them. 

In the first two rounds, Anik Paul was able to give all the answers easily. He then created and sent a video in response to another detailed problem. Finally, a face-to-face interview was conducted online. By clearing the three rounds, the boy has an opportunity to study with world-class teachers and staff up till high school (12th standard).

Ankit Paul is good at computer coding and has mastered artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Python language. He also presented the project in the shortest time in the World Book of Guinness program organized by IIT Madras.

According to Ankit’s father, due to COVID-19 protocols, Ankit will be attending online classes.

The CEO of Tesla and chief of SpaceX Elon Musk is a founder of Synthesis school. This school was founded on the vision that the current education system and teaching methods do not provide the right skills to the students. The school teaches 21st-century technology-based teaching.

The emphasis is placed on practicals and experiments rather than classroom instruction. Students are introduced to breaking down complex subjects, experimenting with new inventions, strategic thinking approaches and creative activities.

Previously, admissions to this school were limited to the families of individuals who worked for SpaceX‌ Company. But now with talent, any remote student from can secure a seat.