65 violators booked by Hyderabad traffic police

Hyderabad : Under the initiatives of penalty point system, the Hyderabad traffic police has till date cancelled one driving license and issued notices to 64 other drivers, who have crossed six points.

“Till now only one person’s license has been cancelled as he acquired 12 points. We have issued the notices to 64 people who crossed 6 points”, Traffic Joint Commissioner Dr Ravinder said.

The people who have reached the half-mark are also being counselling so that they don’t violate the traffic violation in future.

“We don’t want to cancel the license of the people, but we are creating awareness among them and explaining them not accrue more points or else their license will be cancelled”, he said.

The Hyderabad traffic police implemented 12 Penalty Point System for Traffic Violations from August 1. (ANI)