65% Schools in Telangana fall short of classrooms

Hyderabad: Telangana State has 42,632 schools out of which 65% are functioning with 5 or 6 classrooms. In Govt. and private sector, there are 27294 schools which are functioning with inadequate number of classrooms. These facts were reported in a survey conducted by Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.

The report says there are 175 schools functioning without any classroom whereas there are 3745 schools which have only one classroom and out of 27294 schools, there are 7375 schools where there are only 2 classrooms. In the same manner, there are 3596 schools were only 3 classrooms are available. The remaining 12574 schools are functioning with 4-6 classrooms.

The report indicates that there are many schools in Adilabad, Kareem Nagar, Mahboob Nagar, Nalgonda and Warangal which are functioning with insufficient number of classrooms. In Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Districts, 51% schools have less than 6 classrooms. In both these districts there are 8364 schools which do not have sufficient number of classrooms.

A senior official of Govt. told that a lot of money is required to construct classrooms. Govt. is finding ways and means to enhance the number of classrooms in schools.

–Siasat News