65 percent of Indian consumers share mobile videos as compared to 53 percent globally

65 percent of Indian consumers share mobile videos as compared to 53 percent globally and mobile phones are preferred hands down to desktops for watching movie trailers. Vuclip, the world”s largest independent mobile video and media company, today unveiled the findings of its second quarter 2013 Global Video Insights report by putting a spotlight on trends in mobile video sharing, most popular genre of movies trailers, and the most searched celebrities. More than 14,000 responses were received globally within two days. Results varied by age group and region. One trend is clear: people everywhere love to share mobile video but especially in India. 65 percent of Indians, as compared to 53 percent of global respondents, admitted to sharing video through their mobile phones. Indian youth under 18 years old fuel this phenomenon; a whopping 87 percent say they share mobile video regularly. When it comes to gender, more men than women in India share mobile videos at 67 percent and 59 percent respectively.

SMS emerged as the most popular means of sharing among global respondents. 20 percent of the total lot chose SMS over Facebook and Google+. Reflecting this trend, 38 percent of Indian respondents use SMS to share mobile video, giving Facebook a backseat at 12 percent. Also notable is that although only 4 percent of people say that Twitter is the most common way they share mobile video, that core group of tweeters is extremely active. Vuclip estimates that the percentage of videos viewed, sparked by tweets is in the ballpark of 30 percent of the total daily video views on Vuclip.

Movie Trailers While all respondents seem to enjoy sharing movie trailers, the survey revealed interesting results on the genre of movies shared. With 36 percent of the vote, superhero movie trailers surfaced as the most often shared trailers in India, also hugely popular among the under-18 crowd. Globally, romantic trailers took the lead with 29 percent.

When asked where users prefer to watch movie trailers, the answer was loud and clear – mobile phones. 48 percent of respondents globally said that they view movie trailers on their phones more often than on television, on desktop computers or even in movie theaters. In India, more than 50 percent of respondents between 18 and 35 years old touted watching movie trailers through their mobiles. “We live in a hyper-connected world where people enjoy sharing their views and experiences on the go.

On Vuclip as well we make sure that consumers can share the videos they like quickly and easily. More than 65 percent of video views occur as a result of social sharing,” said Arun Prakash, Chief Operating Officer, Marketing and Content for Vuclip. “However, what”s surprising about the data we uncovered was how engaged people are with movie trailers. For example, we saw a huge up-tick in views of the Iron Man 3 movie trailer the week prior to the international movie release in late April. There is an appetite globally for Hollywood cinema and celebrities.” (Business Wire /ANI)