64-year-old doctor arrested for taking patient’s obscene video

Chennai: In a shameful incident, a 64-year-old elderly doctor was arrested on Friday in Chennai by police on the charges of taking obscene videos of women patients.

M. Sivagurunathan, who runs a clinic in Nattu Subbarayan street in Mylapore, using his phone, allegedly took the video of the patient when she was about to remove her dress on Thursday, police said. Moreover, he sent the woman’s husband out and locked the door ‘under the pretext of conducting the check-up’, police added as per a report by DC.

“But the woman had noticed something fishy and rushed outside the check-up room. She also narrated the incident to her husband,” the police said. When her husband tried to check doctor’s mobile phone, he refused to hand it over to him.

On victim’s complaint, the police lodged a case and seized doctor’s phone, wherein they reportedly found other patients’ obscene videos.

The police have registered a case against Sivagurunathan under 3 sections of IPC including sexual abuse. They also sent him to Puzhal prison in judicial custody.