63 pc Polavaram project work done: Naidu

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday expressed satisfaction over the progress of Polavaram multi-purpose irrigation project, saying that around 63 per cent of works has been completed so far.

Speaking at the release of a second white paper on ‘Governance,’ Naidu said that the project was properly implemented in the last four and a half years. “Today we have started erecting radial gate for Polavaram project. We are building this project in a very short span of time. Till date, 63 per cent of works are complete,” he said.

“We will give water by gravity from Polavaram project by May 2019. It is a national record to complete a multipurpose project in such a short span of time. After bifurcation, we were left empty-handed, with no secretariat. At that moment, we prepared a vision and started working in that direction. We are aiming to make Andhra Pradesh as one of the top three states by 2022. We focused on eight missions and five grids for making governance comprehensive,” Naidu added.

The Polavaram project is one of the most ambitious projects of the Andhra Pradesh government. Naidu had recently said that the project had made his life fruitful and lauded the pace at which the project had been constructed. Polavaram is considered to be the lifeline of the state, as it will have the potential to fulfill the need of water in 13 districts of the state.

Noting the rising stature of Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation in 2014, Naidu elaborated: “We took up policies that eradicate financial inequalities. Andhra Pradesh has stood first on different parameters. We are number one in ease of doing business. In Happiness Index 2018, we ranked 44th. Our rank improved from previous years. Andhra Pradesh is the best-performing state in the ease of living index,” he said.

He further said that Andhra Pradesh achieved 11 per cent growth rate in the last four years and the government is aiming to double the income of farmers. He said that per capita income increased to almost Rs 50,000 in the last four years.

He said school infrastructure has strengthened in the state, where electricity and water facilities are being provided in educational institutions.

Stressing that river interlinking is the TDP government’s greatest achievement, Naidu said: “We built Pattiseema lift irrigation project and interlinked Godavari and Krishna rivers. We have been able to bring in accountability to the last mile functionary with total digitalisation. We also could minimise state revenue deficit considerably.”

Naidu said: “We are going to introduce electric vehicles. We will increase green cover to 50 per cent. With advanced technology, we are able to predict cyclones accurately. We managed to minimise the loss during Titli and Phethai cyclones.”