6,114 prisoners are lodged in Telangana’s jails: NCRB report

Hyderabad: According to prison statistics India 2020, issued on December 28 by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 6,114 convicts, including 372 women, were kept in various jails in Telangana, with an occupancy rate of 77.9 percent.

The state’s prisons have a total capacity of 7,845 prisoners, including 703 women. At the end of 2020, the prison population in district prisons in 12 states, including Telangana, and union territories (UT) was manageable, as the occupancy rate in these states/UTs remained less than 100 percent.

The occupancy rate in 12 states and union territories less than 100 percent are as follows

Haryana has the highest occupancy rate of 94.9%, followed by Karnataka 92.5%, Telangana 77.3%, Arunachal Pradesh 76%, Punjab 73.3%, Andhra Pradesh 69.5%, Kerala 61.1%, Mizoram 46.7%, Tripura 44.1%, Tamil Nadu 43.5%, Ladakh 32.5%, and Nagaland 32.5%.

Education of prisoners in Telangana

According to the NCRB data, moreover, 12% of offenders and around 23% of undertrials in Telangana jails have a bachelor’s degree or more. In 2020, five people were sentenced to death in Telangana.

Foreign national prisoners in Telangana

Two Pakistanis and three Nigerians were imprisoned as convicted, while 37 foreign nationals, including two from Pakistan and four from China, are still awaiting trial in Telangana state.

Women jail in Telangana

Only 14 states and union territories in India had women jails in 2020. So, the country had only 29 women jails with a total capacity of 6,179 across India. Telangana in 2020 had only one woman jail and had a capacity of having 260 prisoners.