6,000 refugees arrive in Austria from Hungary

Vienna: Around 6,000 refugees have reached Austria from Hungary and more are moving into the country on foot, Austrian officials said on Saturday.

The first stop of the refugees in Austria is Nickelsdorf, a town near the border with Hungary after waiting for days in Hungary, Xinhua news agency reported.

Austrian police said most of them came on foot, after being transported by Hungarian government by bus to the Austrian border, and many refugees are still on their way to Nickelsdorf.

Austrian government used trains and buses to transport the refugees, mostly from Syria, to Vienna.

Around 4,000 refugees have been transported to Vienna, and they are waiting for the other ones, Helmut Marban, the police spokesperson of the Austrian province of Burgenland, said.

An Austrian interior ministry spokesperson said over 6,000 refugees have reached the country from across the border with Hungary and they have the right to choose if they want to stay in Austria or move on to Germany, saying his country is ready to offer the people food and accommodation.

Many of these refugees are heading to Germany, saying it is a good option both for themselves or for the next generation. There are trains from Vienna to Munich in the south of Germany.

Interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said Austria will not use force to block thousands of refugees pouring into the country.