60-yr-old drunk infuriated husband pulls trigger at wife

Ghaziabad: Anger is always termed as dangerous because it is provocative and one should always practice the art to stay calm as sometimes it can also prove to be life threatening.

A recent incident has been reported where an infuriated husband reportedly shot his wife over the delay in serving dinner at his house in Ghaziabad.

Ashok Kumar, (60) who drives a mini truck along with his youngest son, returned home drunk on Saturday night around 9 pm in Masarovar Park colony in Kavi Nagar shot his wife Sunaina (55) over refusing to serve food immediately.

The drunk husband got infuriated when his wife refused to serve him food around 11.45pm that led to fighting between the couple which ended with Sunaina being shot in the head.

The victim was soon rushed to nearby Sarvodaya Hospital in Kavi Nagar but was declared dead on arrival.
Dr Neeraj Garg CMO of the hospital said, “The patient was already dead by the time she was brought to the hospital. There was no pulse on her”.

According to the Police Kumar lived with his family which consisted of his wife, son and his wife along with their two children and one unmarried son.

His elder son Rinku (32) approached the Police with a complaint against him following which Navi Nagar Police has filed FIR against Kumar and arrested him the next day.

Rinku and Tinku tried to stop the fight between the parents but was of no use. His wife Soni (28) and his kids aged 4 and 7 were also present during the incident but the kids were sleeping in a different room.

“Around 9pm, my father returned home drunk and asked my mother for dinner around 11 pm. A quarrel broke out between them as my mother refused to serve food immediately. Infuriated over the delay, my father whipped out a gun and threatened her. I, my wife and Tinku tried to intervene. But he opened fire and the bullet hit my mother on her head. She collapsed at the spot,” said Rinku.

The Police official Ajay Sharma said “The accused was taken into custody and later arrested. He has confessed to the crime”.

The Police has recovered the murder weapon used which is a .315 bore revolver and also found a emptied cartilage. He added, “The gun seized from him is illegal and we are trying to ascertain the source from which he procured it”, reported the sources.